An Addition to the Kitchen

I did it.  I finally bought a Dutch Oven.  I’ve wanted one since I first became vegan but I wasn’t familiar enough with the cooking involved in the lifestyle and, since I had a stainless steel stock pot, it wasn’t a need.  As I’ve become more familiar with vegan cooking, there have been many a time I’ve wished I had a Dutch Oven but I was making do with what I had.  Even when one of our stock pots could no longer be used and a Dutch Oven was on its way to becoming a need, I still waited.  They can be expensive and I wanted enamel coated cast iron.  Today, I found a deal I couldn’t pass up and finally bought my Dutch Oven.  It’s enamel coated cast iron, it was less than $40.00, and it’s purple.  The purple bit is a bonus and I am thrilled.  With cold weather fast approaching, this little oven is going to get a workout.

My New Toy
My New Toy

I know this is a celebration of vegan food rather than kitchen essentials, but think of all the vegan goodies I can make in it.  The vegan meals that have gone over the best with my omnivore family have been the hearty stews, filling soups, and familiar casseroles.  No one minds joining me in veganism when the food is amazing.  I’ve become a fan of one pot meals for easy clean up and I can’t wait to use my Dutch Oven.  I can start on the stove top cooking onions and garlic, then add my broth, grains, beans, and veggies, then the Dutch Oven will transfer directly to the oven to slow cook a scrumptious dinner.  The enamel coating means I can do all of my cooking with no oil and my food isn’t going to stick.  I was doing okay with oil-free cooking in the stainless steel pot but having the Dutch Oven means I don’t need to save the pot for cooking: I can use it to soak and cook dried beans.  I see less canned beans being used in the future which is also thrilling.  I’ve been trying to focus on Reduce and Reuse instead of just Recycle.

Beautiful Enamel
Beautiful Enamel

Now, I just have to decide what recipe to make first.  Kale and White Bean Stew?  Curried Cauliflower Soup?  Three Bean Chili?  Bean and Sweet Potato Stew with Rainbow Chard?  There are so many possibilities it will be difficult to narrow them down.  I’m up for the challenge.  First, I need to season my new pot so it will be a couple of days.  A fabulous recipe in a gorgeous pot is just the way to usher in October.  Any suggestions for a christening recipe?

Another Photo, Because It's Purple
Another Photo, Because It’s Purple

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