Going To Seed

My Mother is an amazing woman for a lot of reasons but I wish to mention her mad vegan baking skills, especially when it comes to bread.  Mom tweaked, experimented, mixed, and baked until she created the perfect recipe for seed bread.  Best of all, this bread fits into the McDougall diet because it’s oil free.  Where she’d usually put in 1/4 cup vegetable oil, Mom uses applesauce.  She has yet to come up with a substitute for the egg white wash to make the seeds stick to the bread but I have no doubt she’ll do so.  Right now, she gives the seeds a good press into the dough and they bake right on.  The outside of the bread is covered with sunflower seeds, black and white sesame seeds, millet, and amaranth.  To up the health factor Mom uses teff flour in the dough and in place of white sugar, a touch of agave nectar and dates.  The bread is an entire breakfast in a slice.  It’s yummy, filling, and not too sweet.

My Mom's Amazing Seed Bread
My Mom’s Amazing Seed Bread

Because the bread is so filling, I doubt I needed to spread the top with peanut butter and fig jam: I could have just used the jam.  The McDougall diet does not demand elimination of nuts, nut butters, and seeds but it does call to limit them.  Because I’m having such a nut and seed packed breakfast, I won’t take any as a snack for lunch.  I have some of the veggie dip left I blogged about a couple of days ago.  I’ll take that with celery and radishes and try to have lower fat and lower sugar snacks and meals the rest of today.


I’ll leave you with another photo of Mom’s Amazing Seed Bread.  The over head light in the kitchen is yellow and I”m noticing a yellow cast to all the photos.  I’ll try to take some in natural light moving forward.  Happy VeganMoFo2014!

A Plethora of Seeds
A Plethora of Seeds

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