It’s Not A Bird, Or An Egg, It’s…Tofu

Okay, I know I reached for that one. What I don’t have to reach for are adjectives describing the delicious, delectable, scrumptious, tasty, flavorful egg-less salad I made yesterday. The recipe is found on page 259 of The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook and is my favorite recipe for egg-less salad to date. Others I’ve used have called for Soya, which isn’t bad, but does leave a funky aftertaste; especially if Bragg’s Liquid Aminos are substituted for the Soya. This recipe has no Soya which endeared it to me before I tasted it.

I started with a black soybean tofu. I never guessed there were so many different types of tofu or that I would get as excited about them as I do. I didn’t find much difference in taste but the texture was the firmest I’ve found which made it perfect for egg-less salad.

Black Soybean Tofu
Black Soybean Tofu

I also get excited about gadgets, especially kitchen gadgets, and have to restrain myself from purchasing them as I have limited storage space. And, to paraphrase Alton Brown, why buy a specialized gadget when you can make something that works from objects you already have? I agree, Mr. Brown, which is why I don’t own a tofu press. I use two plates and a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: because the word of the Lord is weighty.

My Tofu Press
My Tofu Press

I find this works well. I leave it for 10 to 20 minutes while I gather the rest of my ingredients, then drain the tofu and I’m ready to go.

This recipe called for dried chives, which I didn’t have, but was otherwise made according to directions with one exception: black salt. I’d read about black salt in other vegan cookbooks where the claim was made that black salt adds an eggy taste to tofu scrambles, egg-less salad, etc. Interesting, I think, I’ll try most things once; but what is black salt and where do I find it? Black salt is, well, black (or gray) salt and I found it at an Indian market not far from where I live. One package cost .79C so I wasn’t out all that much if I hated it. I added a pinch and stirred the lot together. My result:

My last egg-less salad didn’t turn out so well (the Bragg’s Liquid Aminos incident) so it was with some trepidation that I lidded the container and slid the salad into the refrigerator to chill over night. Lunch time was the great test. The container was opened and the turmeric had turned my concoction a bright yellow and, yes, there did seem to be kind of an eggy smell. But how did it taste?

Amazing! The salad was fresh and light. The black salt didn’t make it taste exactly like egg (which I found to be a good thing!) but it did add a pleasant layer of flavor. I could taste more of the onion and dill and the celery added a delightful crunch. Spooned between two pieces of Seeds The Day bread with stone ground mustard, a slice of heirloom tomato, and topped with sprouts, I had a sandwich I’d recommend to anyone: no eggs desired.

My Amazing Sandwich
My Amazing Sandwich

3 thoughts on “It’s Not A Bird, Or An Egg, It’s…Tofu

  1. There’s so many different kinds of tofu and I haven’t seen anything other than the same ole’ plain ole’ – but I dream of the day I stumble across something different.

    Sandwich looks great!


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